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5.0 star rating

I used services with Melrose Moving for two moves already. They are brilliant, experienced, reliable, professional, fast and most of all trustworthy!

Melrose Moving is an all around terrific moving company- these guys REALLY GO ABOVE AND BEYOND! The main difference between Melrose Moving and the other companies that I had initially contacted is that they seemed to care more about my belongings and the urgency of my move. To add, Melrose Moving was by far more knowledgeable compared to the other moving companies I had contacted prior.

Renata was my Sales representative whom was super nice and kind. She also gave me all kinds of useful pointers such as how to pack dishes and where to find a good deal on storage facilities. I DEFINITELY recommended Melrose Moving!

5.0 star rating

Eric and Joe moved me today from Koreatown to West Hollywood and I couldn't have been more pleased. I was moving from a building with very strict move in/move out rules to a building with even stricter rules.  These guys made it flawless and saved me money because they were super careful so I wouldn't get charged for damaging the buildings.  They were also quick. In and out in four hours, even with carefully wrapping my furniture and making sure everything was securely fastened in the truck.  

Eric and Joe were nice, funny, polite and thorough and I would highly recommend requesting them on your next move.

The only other thing I would point out is that I was given a window of 7-9am and they showed up a little before 9.  My friend who used Melrose movers had the same experience.  Definitely within the window, so no fault there, but I think it would be helpful if the scheduler just went ahead and said "they'll be there at 9 or a little before." My friend and I may also be the only ones who have experience this, just thought it was worth the mention.

I would definitely use Melrose movers again and request Eric FOR SURE. In fact, my friend who was with me is so impressed, she is going to use them in a few months!

Thanks again guys!

5.0 star rating

I had Melrose Moving help me and my brother out moving from Miracle Mile to the heart of Hollywood. The two movers who helped us out were Eric and Vasile who were both incredibly helpful, fast and knowledgeable. The day started with them arriving 5 minutes early and carefully packing everything up. They helped disassemble our bed frame and offered to do the same for our table but figured it would be faster and more efficient to move it whole.  After moving everything into the van they dropped some items off at another location free of charge.  Both the place we moved to and the second location had some really narrow areas and Eric was able to put the truck in places I thought were impossible. Lastly, when we arrived and unpacked everything it was all in great condition.  They made the moving process so easy for us I would highly recommend them to everyone.

I love lists in reviews so here are the reasons why I gave them 5 stars:
1. On time. Many movers I talked to required a 4 hour window for the start time.
2. Good value.  2 man crew for $70 per hour (price quotes ranged from $59 -$110).
3. Based on my experience with Eric and Vasile, the crews seem really nice.
4. Easy going and flexible. Between being able to fit the truck in tight spots and adding the extra location for free it really feels like they are not trying to nickel and dime you.

If you are reading this it means you are probably about to move. I'm sorry that's how you are going to be spending your weekend. Good luck with it.

5.0 star rating

We had a great experience with Melrose Moving. We were able to book them very last minute (2 days before our move) which was a relief. If you can request a team, I would ask for the guys we got: Slava, Gamba, Alex and Hagi. They worked very quickly, barely taking any breaks so as not to rack up the hours even though we were moving from a second story to a third story apartment. We also had a lot of fragile stuff which all made it safely to our new location. My dog loved them and basically thought they had come over to play with him. If you know anything about me, it's that the way to my heart is through my dog! They were so sweet and comfortable handling him, even though he was sometimes just getting in the way, and did a great job of humoring him :) Highly recommend!

5.0 star rating

I've been using Melrose Moving for the past 8 years. They are by far the best moving company I have ever used. They are experienced,reliable,trustworthy, and their prices are the best. They are also very quick and efficient; I've never had any problems with my belongings being damaged etc. If you're in the market for a moving company I highly recommend Melose Moving Co!

5.0 star rating

Our crew took the stress out of our moving experience.  They wrapped and handled all valuable items with care and were very friendly to work with.  I would recommend Eric, Robert, and Joe if you are making a move

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