Easy Steps On How To Pack And Move Fragile Objects in Los Angeles

Packing fragile objects can be difficult. It takes time and appropriate moving supplies. You need to have patience and to organize yourself very well before starting packing.

Move Fragile Objects The following tips can help you pack and move fragile objects in Los Angeles. If you do not have the time and need to finish packing very fast, you should call one of the many moving companies in Los Angeles!

Here are simple steps that will help you pack and move fragile objects!


If you have expensive chinaware, you need to be very careful how you pack the items. Your main concern is to avoid damages from clinking, bumps and trepidation. Porcelain can easily crack during transportation, but by providing appropriate padding you can avoid any unpleasant incidents. You should fill the interior of vases, tea or coffee cups and tea pots with paper. Wrap each objects in bubble wrap (you can use paper too) and place one item in a box. Fill the empty space with polystyrene.


Plates and dishes are also in danger of breaking during transportation. You need to wrap each plate in paper and to place them into a box. Make sure you do not over-stuff the box as it can break and spill its contents. Bowls can be put one into another and securely fastened together with duct tape. Wrap them in paper when you finish and place them in a box.


You need to disassemble lamps before packing them. Take out the light bulb and the shade. The shade is the most fragile part of your lamp as it can easily bend and snap if not packed correctly. Pack the shade in a large box with the lamp laced in the center. Make sure the walls of the box do not put pressure on your lamp’s shade!

Moving companies in Los Angeles can provide excellent packing service for fragile items at great prices. Fragile and expensive items should be handled by a professional team of movers. If you feel more comfortable doing things yourself, the above guide should help you pack all the fragile objects in your household!

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