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How To Move Musical Equipment In L.A.

At least once in our lifetime, most of us will have to deal with having to relocate our household. Either that we find our significant other and establish a family, or that we grow up and have to move out and live on our own. And for those of us with a passion for music, it is crucial that their musical equipment is moved with utmost care by the best moving companies in Los Angeles.

shipping-musical-instrumentsMoving the instruments to a room that will see little traffic for the first few days (e.g. a spare room for boxes of clothes or a dedicated music room) is highly recommended. Another good tip is to save the silica packages you get when buying anything from electronics to home appliances, to smoke alarms and pop these in a zip lock baggie. Tossing one or two in the case when transporting will assist in humidity variation, to a small extent.

If the move is local, then basic protection is fine (e.g. driving your unprotected guitar (seat belted though – must be safe). If you own guitars, one thing that can really make your move easier was to unpack and install guitar wall-hangers, thus getting them out of the way immediately upon moving the rest of the house.

Always ensure that you pack a musical instrument with due care. Do not forget to include instructions for repackaging and handling in the instrument case. This is particularly useful in case the case is opened for inspection. Your presence at the time of inspection will help you make sure that the security staff repacks the instrument safely.

If you are using the services of a moving company then allowing them to pack and move any musical instruments that you may have is a better choice. You can always check their credentials and experience with moving musical instruments before you decide on which company to use.

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