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Useful Tips For Getting Your Garage Ready For Move

Prepping your garage for a household move can be a tremendous pain if not done in the right manner.  Garage tools and garage storage areas will be some of the most challenging items and rooms to pack and they require your full attention.  Read the following tips provided by Los Angeles Melrose Moving Company and make sure to implement everything you find useful.

  1. how-to-pack-a-garagePlan everything with some time ahead. Packing your garage requires a lot of time and this is why you must carefully calculate the time spent with all items found inside.  Any mistake will cost you time and money. If you do not have the garage fully packed in time, you will have to rely on labor force. And that labor force will have to be paid.  Make sure to periodically update the moving calendar and make the garage packing a top priority.
  2. Buy the right materials. Having the right packing materials is the key for any successful garage packing. On the list with moving supplies you must include cardboard boxes, rolls of bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing paper and/or newsprint, packing tape, plastic re-sealable bags, numerous zip ties, and a set of color markers. Buy them from specialized stored or even from moving companies. If you hired a professional mover, ask for counseling.  Make sure that all boxes are durable and do not present any physical defects. Remember that garage items are usually heavy and a faulty box may compromise or delay the entire operation.
  3. Understand which items are forbidden to transport for safety reasons. Fuel, oils, paint and paint thinners, propane tanks, chemicals, car batteries, cleaning supplies and others are considered dangerous and movers will not agree to transport them.  Get ri of these items before you move and before the movers come to help you pack your belongings.
  4. Place all small tools in toolboxes. Things like screwdrivers, wenches, keys, they all belongs in toolboxes.
  5. Use cardboard boxes to pack most of the items found in garage. If the equipment does not have its own special purpose toolbox, packing it in a cardboard should fix the problem.
  6. Pay extra attention when packing sharp-edged garage items. Wrap them first before placing them in boxes.
  7. Place electric power tools in their original package, if you still have it.
  8. Garden tools with long handles must be packed together.
  9. Do not pack equipment that still has fuel in it. Dry the fuel down first.
  10. If you choose to disassemble a garage, take photos first, to help you reassemble when you reach your destination.

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